Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm never moving again!

I have not abandoned this blog or genealogy research - REALLY!

I moved. This meant packing, pitching, sorting, unpacking, donating, pitching, etc.

I think of our ancestors who came to this country with a trunk or suitcase and hope and marvel at their resilience. I'm really tired after just six weeks of upheaval. We were blessed, though, with selling our existing home so quickly but that meant packing ourselves and moving most of it in under a week to a new home. We still live in the Myrtle Beach area but not in the city limits. We'll miss the tourists and their enjoyment of the Grand Strand but it's so nice to be where the population is more stable. I can appreciate the Little Italy's and Chinatowns, and German enclaves of our ancestors. The need to be in a community of common languages and churches helped our ancestors feel "at home" in their new country.

So - when looking through the census records for your ancestors don't forget to just browse the pages for more relatives. It's easier if you look at the country of origin columns for a quick feel for the neighborhood.

I'll be back on the weekly track now in my quest for ancestors and desire to help you find yours.

Happy Hunting!