Wednesday, July 30, 2014

research hint

look at all the types of records you have from your online searches. If you have an unusual record type, see if that record type exists for others in your tree. I have a Veteran's compensation application from WWII for my Dad and no one else. I have other WWII vets in my tree and i should be able to locate this form for them, also.

I also have a US Dept of Veteran Affairs BIRLS death file for my Dad and noticed that the database says it covers 1850-2010 - looks like i have some more digging to do.
I'm back doing research again. I took time off while i recovered from my Mom's passing and settling her estate. I'm only posting now because i found something i wanted to remember (and thought other people would want to know)

The NY STATE CENSUS for 1915 (at least for my ancestors) has a screwy index! The census taker dittoed the last name and then put in the middle initial and then the full first name. This resulted in listings that are now all indexed with the middle initial instead of a whole first name. This makes finding entries a lot more challenging.

Just thought you might want to know.