Friday, September 9, 2011

Be a Joiner

Sorry for the multi-day gap in posts. My Mom is in the hospital and I've been distracted to say the least.

I did receive an e-mail today that reminds me how much I value my local genealogy club. Through this club I've found other people who are researching not only in the same geographical areas but even the same surnames that I am.

Our club is not affiliated with any larger associations like the state or national societies but has some wonder, sharing, talented genealogists. We meet monthly at a local library. Our partnership with the library helps maintain there online subscriptions and supports genealogy book acquisition.

Our group donates materials to the library for genealogy research and now, when they are adding materials they ask for our input, too. Definitely a win-win.

So - join a local genealogy group and support your local library. Ours has online free on site access to and Heritage Quest; maybe yours does, too.

Happy Hunting.

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