Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Your Roots and other videos

I cannot believe it’s been 2 weeks since I last Blogged here! I apologize and promise to do better in the future. I know how frustrating it is to find a blog and then not get updates.

So – does this mean I have not been doing any genealogy research? NO! I’ve been catching up on the new season of “Who do you think you are” and awaiting a new program on PBS with Henry Louis Gates Jr. This PBS host is the best so don’t miss it!

This is a new 10 part series starting March 25th called “Finding Your Roots.” See a preview (33 seconds) at

I’ve also been catching up on the many new webinars at

The people at Legacy Family Tree have a webinar on March 7th on preparing for the April 2nd release of the 1940 census. I’ve blogged on this topic previously and don’t want you to miss this webinar. If you cannot watch it on the 7th it will be available for free online for the 10 days after that date and the purchase price is very reasonable if you miss the free period.

Our Grand Strand Genealogy Club had a great presentation on how to prepare for the 1940 census release. Gail Reynolds is our resident expert and leads classes for the local Osher LifeLong Learning Institute (OLLI.) So – if you are not lucky enough to have Gail in your neighborhood, maybe you have an OLLI program in your town with genealogy classes.

A list of Institutes is available at:

This is a great program for adult education. The classes offered differ by school but since genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies, there are probably classes available near you. If there is an OLLI near you and they don’t have genealogy classes, then you should think about teaching one! I’ve found that all of the genealogists I’ve met have lots of information to share about the process of finding ancestors.

Our genealogy club has a website and blog. The website is at:

And the tips blog is at:

This should keep you all busy until next week!

Thanks for your time.

Happy Hunting!

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