Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Postman Commeth

I belong to multiple online genealogy websites, yet nothing beats old-fashioned postal mail for bringing the past to life. In today's mail I received the long searched for obituaries of four of my ancestors. Thanks goes out to the Mt. Carmel Public Library for their quick and complete response.

Megan Smolenyak mentioned the online index to the Mt. Carmel, PA area obituary index in one of her Google+ posts and $15 later I hit pay dirt.

I found yet another spelling variation for one of the surnames I research. Who would have thought "Gottschall" would end up in a newspaper as "Gudchall." A vivid reminder that spelling is a whimsical thing in genealogy. I also discovered that one of the ancestors I'd been tracing was a step-parent instead of a blood relative. I guess that means that I can stop looking for Thomas Magee's parents. I found out so much more that I may have to stop typing here so I can enter the data!

So for those of you with Mt. Carmel, PA ancestors, I leave you with this

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