Friday, July 29, 2011

Today's the day

Yup, today is the day I get more organized. No, No, I really mean it this time. It was so frustrating yesterday. I spent hours tracking down my great-great grandparent's marriage record and celebrating my success when I found it at  I dutifully saved it to my surname organized family history folder on my computer WITH THE OTHER TWO COPIES. AARGH. I already had the information and did not know it. So frustrating. So ....

Today's the day I will open my Family Tree Maker (FTM) software and attach the records I've saved to my computer to the appropriate people. I'll have the program copy the media files to the FTM folder so I don't have to worry about where the media files are when I back-up the file from FTM.

Then I'll do the final step. I'll delete the original media file in the original file folder so I won't think it's not attached to proper person in Family Tree Maker.

Yup - today's the day.

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