Friday, September 23, 2011

New Family Tree Maker with Discount

 I don’t usually promote specific pieces of software since this choice is very personal but the new version of Family Tree Maker (version 2012) will have some significant improvements.

For those of us with online trees the new version offers 2-way synchronization! This is critical to those of us who have updated information on our home tree and updated different information online and now don’t know what is where. This will also help if you’ve been reluctant to store a copy of your tree online for your personal use or for sharing.

There are substantial benefits in storing your tree online, unshared, at The first one is automatic date fills on forms: you start to type a search and references your tree and fills in the rest of the pertinent data. The second one is hints about what records other members are saving to their own trees about the same people. The third one is the ability to quickly add data, records, and sources to the online tree when you are not using your home computer.

This last feature is where most of us got into trouble. I use when I’m away from home. I’ve found and attached source data to my online tree that I want on my home tree. I’ve added people to my home tree since I uploaded my online tree. If I just upload a new gedcom , then the attached records used to be orphaned. NOW – YEAH, with Family Tree Maker 2012, I can synchronize the data both ways!

I was not a beta tester and will have to wait for the software but comments from beta testers have been very positive. I mention all of this now because there is a discount from Family Tree Maker if you pre-order the software. The discount expires on Monday the 26th because the software will be shipping that week. So there is very little time left to get this discount. More information is available at

Happy Hunting!


  1. aputerlady,

    Do you mean Family Tree Maker Version 2012?


  2. OOPs - YES - I mean 2012. I've corrected the post. Thank you so much for the catch. I'd hate to see people rummaging around for a version that is over 10 years old!