Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Using Google Chrome

I know I said 3 times a week but a week needs to have about 14 days for that to happen right now. Thanks for sticking with me. It’s not that I don’t think about what to write and I even have a backlog of ideas – it’s just that time thing! Anyway – I just discovered something on Google. Well – three somethings on Google.

First, if you open your browser and go to Google.com there is a microphone in the search bar (only in Google Chrome Browser.) If you click the microphone, you can use the embedded microphone in your laptop/tablet/phone, etc. to speak a search term or phrase. No typing needed!

Second, from that same search bar, click images so that your search looks for images, exclusively. The search bar will have a camera on the bar, now. This lets you drag an image or upload an image from your computer to the search bar. This works in Chrome and Firefox but did not work in Internet Explorer 9.

What’s so cool about this? Well, I have some “place” pictures in my genealogy folders and was not sure where they were taken. I dragged one to the search bar and waited. Guess what – GOOGLE search found similar pictures! Awesome! Now I know what the entrance to Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn looks like.

While the Google images results window was open, I clicked on Map and the picture then showed me where it was located. Very cool stuff.

So, play around with different browsers and the Google search bar. You may be surprised that there are different functions depending on which browser you use.

Oh, the third thing – well that’s for tomorrow.

Happy Hunting!

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