Monday, October 24, 2011

Was Footnote Now Fold3

Anyone been on the new version of Footnote lately? I've been a member of since the beginning. I found a lot of military information there but was never happy with how long images took to load. Well .... Ancestry purchased Footnote earlier this year and recently re-launched as

When I spoke with Ancestry personnel at the National Genealogical Society Convention in Charleston, SC in May, they confirmed what I expected. will focus on military records and original historical documents relating to government and national history. I was not surprised but I wasn't excited, either. I should have been, at the very least, more curious but I thought it was going to be a ho-hum.
It's not.

The new has a much better image viewer. It's fast! No more cup of tea in between each mouse move. Search results are also faster. Another thing to remember - many of the records are free! Footnote was a joint project among many public archives and Footnote. Some of the original provisions required free views of the records since the records were archived with public monies, originally. You do need to register, though.

Brady's Civil war photos - free
Custer's court martial - free
Continental Congress papers - free
Civil War Maps (66% complete) - free
Lincoln assassination papers - free
Pennsylvania Archives - free
and more

The other thing that is great about Fold3, and was true about Footnote, is crowd sourcing. Members can annotate records, add information, and easily keep track of those records that they've contributed to.

So - if you haven't been to, it may just hold the information you've been looking for.

Happy Hunting!

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